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Weintraub LLC takes great pride in zealously advocating for its clients. Our attorneys are able to represent you in the New York State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts.

Our varied experience includes the following:

  • Convinced landlord to withdraw with prejudice its lawsuit for alleged unpaid rent against former tenant;
  • Convinced building owner to withdraw lawsuit against client in which owner alleged fraud and breach of contract resulting from the installation of an HVAC system;
  • Won summary judgment on behalf of the buyer against the sellers for the return of a down payment in connection with the cancelled purchase of a cooperative apartment;
  • Prosecuting claims for legal malpractice and breach of contract against client’s former counsel;
  • Won favorable settlement on behalf of the insured against a life insurance company who declined coverage under an accidental death and dismemberment policy;
  • Prosecuting claims against a moving company for fraud and breach of contract;
  • Prosecuted claims in an arbitration against contractors who misrepresented their abilities and delayed new construction of a residential condominium, resulting in an award of approximately $1.5 million;
  • Obtained preliminary injunction against defendants for their unlawful takeover of the operation of a religious organization in Nassau County;
  • Obtained a $900,000 judgment in connection with the failure to repay a loan, and prosecuted judgment enforcement proceedings;
  • Defended an insurance agent and his company in an action brought by an insured alleging fraud, breach of contract and other claims in connection with the purchase of life insurance policies, resulting in the dismissal of all claims;
  • Defended a clinical research organization and its principals against claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and other business torts in connection with the operation of a clinical research organization in the Ukraine;
  • Defended a joint venturer in an action alleging fraud and mismanagement in connection with the operation and maintenance of a shopping center in Nassau County, resulting in the dismissal of all claims;
  • Defended a trustee against claims brought by a law firm seeking to enforce an attorney’s charging lien, resulting in the dismissal of all claims;
  • Defended the board of managers of a condominium in an action brought by a contractor for breach of a construction contract in connection with a major restoration project;
  • Prosecuted claims against borrowers for securities fraud and breach of contract in connection with the funding of a cosmeceutical company;
  • Defended a landlord against claims brought by a commercial tenant challenging a tax escalation clause, resulting in dismissal;
  • Defended a tenant in an action brought by the landlord alleging breach of a lease extension;
  • Drafted, filed, extended and enforced private mechanic’s liens;
  • Prosecuted claims of elder abuse in seeking the return of proceeds from life insurance policies and other assets from the estate;
  • Prosecuted personal injury actions from intake through final disposition